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What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontics is a way of straightening or moving teeth using fixed or removable appliances (braces). This is usually done to help improve appearance of the teeth, facial profile and to distribute the pressure of biting more evenly.

Why Have Orthodontic Treatment?

Many people have crowded or crooked teeth. By having orthodontic treatment the teeth can be moved into a better position and straightened. This helps to not only improve their appearance but also to make then easier to clean.

When teeth do not meet correctly it can put a strain on the muscles of the jaw causing tenderness & pain in the muscles and temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). Orthodontic treatment can re-position the teeth and may help to correct this problem.

Some children’s front teeth stick out and look unsightly, these prominent front teeth are also more prone to trauma which can lead to their fracture or loss. Orthodontic treatment can help to re-position the teeth so that they are less prominent. Another way to help to protect the teeth is by the use of a mouth-guard.

How Successful Will It Be?

Orthodontic treatment relies on a partnership between you and your orthodontist. Treatment will only be successful if you co-operate with the treatment which may take place over a couple of years. Excellent oral hygiene and a diet without sugary drinks, sugary snacks & sweets is required for all orthodontic treatment prior to its commencement. Without it treatment will be unsuccessful and your teeth may become damaged by dental plaque which causes tooth decay.

Who Carries Out Orthodontics?

Orthodontics with fixed appliances (a brace bonded onto the teeth) is carried out by specialist orthodontists who you are referred to by your dentist at Widney Dental Care. One of the orthodontists will see you first for an initial consultation at a specialist orthodontics practice where they will discuss with you available treatment options.

Do I Still Need To See My Dentist As Well?

Yes – It is still important to see you dentist for regular check-ups and visits to the hygienist if required while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment at a specialist centre.

What Age Can I Have Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is best carried out on children, although adults can have orthodontic treatment but this may take slightly longer. In children it may be necessary to wait for enough teeth to come through before treatment begins.



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